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gay ordination

A week from Sunday, a good friend of Maggie's and mine, who's a pastor in all but name, and who's gay, is going to be ordained by his church. Not by the synod, which is still too split on the issue, so they still maintain the rule that gay people can only be ordained if they agree to be celebate, but by his church.

As I've mentioned in places, I'm not too sure about gay marriage. I think it's a mixing of church and state for the state to have any dealings in any term as inherently religious as marriage in the first place, such that the state should only recognize every nonparental human domestic relationship, mine included, as domestic partnerships.

Of course, if that were the case, Maggie and I and everyone would still talk of us as married, which is fine. And if our pastor friend wants to get married to his partner in his church, if it allowed it, I would be proud to stand up with him and call him married. But that's different from believing it should be a matter of public policy. Supporting it personally is just not the same as saying that it's appropriate for religious gay people to use the Democratic party and the national government to push around other religious people, which if marriage should not be a term with legal significance the gay marriage movement would mean, and which I would not have much sympathy for, good as their intentions might be. I'm sure the liberals on my FL, of which there are no small number, will not agree, but I believe what I believe, and I don't like the culture wars much.

But as for myself-- I'll argue against conservatives' anti-gay positions on moral grounds all day long, with perhaps more success than liberals, not being dismissable by conservatives as such, and I'm really glad for my friend.
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